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The London Olympics Year 2012

Some of our clients, Some of Our Successes...

Just a few of the Many Successes we Have Had


Market research and analysis undertaken for a Venture Capital Project that went successfully through to completion...

Market Research project completed for a Technology based Company before taking a new form of IC to Market

Successfully established a UK call centre for sevral Overseas Manufacturers enabling both Phone Technical Support and Service and Repair in the UK

Business Development and Sales Routes implemented for UK an EU Distribution for a major Far Eastern Manufacturer

Established a new route to the EU for a Component Manufacturer generating several Million US$ of Business inside of 2 years

Set up new sales outlets for a CCTV Manufacturer Grossing Sales in excess of $8M US

Site Security audits and Assessments for a major UK Carrier..

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Specialists in


Leading Edge Low cost highly accurate ANPR Systems

CCTV OEM product and Technology Source Finding

Telephone Technical Support Facility

Low Cost Start Up and Support Facilities for Overseas Manufacturers Setting up UK Business Outlets

Security Industry Analysis Reports

CCTV Technology analysis and White Paper Drafts

Bespoke product led Sales and Technical team training

Impartial specification advice and site survey unit

Strategic Visioning, Planning and Implementation; Increasing Revenue; Increasing Productivity; Staff Motivation, Advancement and Retention